Australia Investing

Provider Rate Type
Society One 3 Year Tier 4 Investment

Societyone investments have a grade Tier 4. Investors should be ware past performance is not indicative of future performance and investments are not savings or term deposits and not have a government guarantee

Jun 2018
Betashares Australian At Call Term Deposit Based ETF 1 Yr

'Named the BetaShares Australian High Interest Cash ETF'' it is listed on the ASX as AAA. The rate is retrospective for previous month. It invests in ‘at call’ bank deposits with big 4, small and international banks in Australia without the investor having to opening a bank account opening and locking up funds. You can buy and sell these units like shares/stocks on the ASX with no minimum funds required. It offers monthly distributions. 

Fixed IncomeApply
Aug 2019
3 Year Australian Government Bond

The rate is guaranteed by the Australian federal government with the rate indicated is the yield for the previous month. Refer to AOFM for more current information.

Mar 2019
3 Year TCV Bond

Product is guaranteed by the Victorian government and the rate indicated is a month retrospective. For more up to date data refer to TCV. TCV loans are funded by the issuance of Victorian state government-guaranteed bonds

Aug 2019