Macquarie Bank Locations

New South Wales Locations

Cities : Sydney
Sydney Branches
Sydney Branch 1 Shelley Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000 Tel: (02) 8232 3333

Western Australia Locations

Cities : Perth
Perth Branches
Perth Branch Level 3, 235 St George s TCE, Perth, WA, 6000 Tel: (08) 9224 0666

South Australia Locations

Cities : Adelaide
Adelaide Branches
Adelaide Branch Level 2, 151 Pirie Street, Adelaide, SA, 5000 Tel: (08) 8203 0200

Melbourne Locations

Cities : Melbourne
Melbourne Branches
Melbourne Branch Level 24, 101 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000 Tel: 1800 806 310

Queensland Locations

Cities : Brisbane
Brisbane Branches
Brisbane Branch Level 16A, 345 Queen Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000 Tel: 1800 806 310

Newcastle Locations

Cities : Newcastle
Newcastle Branches
Newcastle Branch Suite 1 / Level 3, 19 Honeysuckle Drive Newcastle NSW 2300 Tel + 61 2 4960 4000

Paramatta Locations

Cities : Paramatta
Paramatta Branches
Parramatta Branch Suite 2 / Level 6, 9 George Street Parramatta NSW Tel: 61 2 8820 8100

Macquarie Bank Discussion

  • Q: Where is the nearest bank to Orange NSW , Thanks

    Reply Delsia from Australia
  • Q: Do I have to visit a branch to close a macquarie savings account and transaction account?

    Reply Marianne from Australia
  • Q: where can i deposit a cheque in Mildura 3500 Vic

    Reply rick from Moresby, Australia
  • Q: Where in Sydney CBD can I deposit a cheque for payment on a mortgage account? thanks

    Reply Tina from Australia
  • Q: How do I deposit a cheque in Cairns.

    Reply Bruce from Australia
  • Q: Hi, we are located in Mildura Victoria and need to do a deposit into a Macquarie Bank account in Sydney by way of cheque. I'm not sure how I go about doing this? Can I use another bank that can accept deposits on Macquarie's behalf?

    Reply Katrina from Australia
  • Q: Where can I deposit cheques? I live in Caloundra QLD.

    Reply Karen from Brisbane, Australia
  • Q: Where is the nearest branch of the Macquarie Bank to Noble Park, Melbourne?

    Reply Jeffrey from Australia
  • Q: Where can I deposit a cheque in South Melbourne

    Reply vicki from Australia
  • Q: I am on the Sunshine Coast Qld and need to deposit a cheque into my Macquarie Super account. How do I do this without incurring cost?

    Reply Averil from Southport, Australia
    • R: How do get access to a form for opening an Astralian based bank account.With access to a legal Trust fund,if permitted.

      Reply Eddy
  • Q: what is email address for collins st branch maquarie bank

    Reply wilbur from Doncaster, Australia
  • Q: Some customers can't get to the Brisbane branch - is there any other way a tenant can deposit funds by CASH other than going into the Brisbane city branch?

    Reply Jo from Australia
  • Q: I have 2 cheques to deposit into my superannuation CMT account with Macquarie. How do I go about it?

    Reply Kem from Beechboro, Australia
  • Q: I am advised that Macquarie Bank will consider a personal loan application to an individual who has assets but is unemployed. Is this correct?

    Reply Gary from Australia
  • Q: where can I deposit money into Macquarie bank in Newcastle NSW please.

    Reply judy from Kingsgrove, Australia
  • Q: I am getting XXk deposited in my Macquarie Cash Management account next Monday 18th. I want to transfer the XXk to another persons Westpac account on Tuesday XXth what is the best way to do transfer so the money is available to the person that day?

    Reply David from Perth, Australia
  • Q: Hi I'm in regional Queensland and wondering how I can deposit a cheque into my Macquarie account. Thanks so much.

    Reply Megan from Brisbane, Australia
  • Q: where can I deposit a cheque locally Coolangatta/Tweed Hds?

    Reply Deborah from Brisbane, Australia
  • Q: when can I make a cheque deposit in Melbourne

    Reply tom from Australia
  • Q: Can I get a bank check from Macquarie bank branch at Newcastle

    Reply Can I get a bank c from Australia
  • Q: can you please let me know if you are having trouble with your log in page I have been trying most of the morning also can you please let me know if you have any branches in the western suburbs of Melbourne

    Reply michael from Endeavour Hills, Australia
  • Q: Where do I take Cheques to deposit them.

    Reply Customer from Houston, United States
  • Q: I have cheques to deposit iinto our SMSF which is a Macquarie account. In South Aust., Where can I deposit them?

    Reply Keith from Australia
  • Q: what sort of percentage lending do you lend on a rent roll. Im after some guidelines eg how many normally eg 200 ect Thanks Matt

    Reply matt from Blaxland, Australia
  • Q: I would like to close my Macquarie Cash Management Account. Is there a Tweed Heads NSW 2485 branch near by?

    Reply Roger from Belmont, Australia
  • Q: I wish to bank a cheque in Melbourne. I live in Ferntree Gully. can I bank it with any other bank to be forwatred to Macquarie.

    Reply maria from Australia
  • Q: I have a cheque which I need to bank into my Macquarie Bank bank account. Where can I do this? I'm in the CBD Sydney.

    Reply Rachel Daley from Australia
    • R: Sorry new to Macquarie bank ,still trying to find out how to deposit cheques and cash to my account. Also how do I transfer funds from my old bank account. Regards Graham.

      Reply Graham
  • Q: I have a CHESS registered share portfolio managed through a financial adviser and using a Macquarie Bank account for dividends. Can I directly manage this portfolio through the Macquarie Bank

    Reply Trevor from Toorak, Australia
  • Q: What is the interest rate on an investment account

    Reply Jenny from Sydney, Australia
  • Q: I want some information about your home loans.

    Reply Alison from Homebush, Australia

Macquarie Bank Discussion Activity

  • Deposits
    Q: Hi, What is the current rollover rate on a 3 month term deposit? Thanks.

    Reply Chris from Forestville, Australia

  • Q: Hi There - I have an online account. How do I make cheque deposits ?

    Reply Rod from Mooroolbark, Australia
  • Macquarie Bank 1 Year Term Deposit - Deposits
    Q: I am a long time business customer with a recurring $20K term deposit maturing 19 December. Do you have a loyalty bonus interest rate to add to the 2.45% or is there any way of increasing that rate for a further 12 months

    Reply David from East Minto, Australia