CBA Personal Loans

CBA offers a personal loans to a customer who may wish to obtain a loan to purchase a car or motorbike, travel, improve their home, consolidate debt or something else. The product range includes variable rate loans (1 to 7 years) , fixed rate loans (1 to 7 years) and secured car loans (1 to 5 years).

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CBA Discussion

  • Q: What is the interest rate for a Pensioner Security account please?

    Reply Nicola from Australia
  • Q: What are the interest rates on Term Deposits for non CBA customers?

    Reply violet from Australia
  • Q: what is the interest rate on a savings account

    Reply Robert from Australia

CBA Discussion Activity

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    Q: what is your 1 year term deposit rate.

    Reply brian from Australia
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    Q: Hi there, I have found a term deposit renewal notice letter and wanted to check if I can transfer my current deposit into my normal CBA savings account? thanks

    Reply Monica from New York, United States
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    Q: Do your deposits over 2 million have a better rate? Who do I ask or call about this?

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    Q: looking for the best rate on term deposit for $2250000 with interest paid monthly there are no rates applicable for this amount.

    Reply Rhonda Mcanulty from Seven Hills, Australia