AustralianSuper Interest Rates

AustralianSuper offers a range of financial products and services entailing low cost banking products and non-super investments, Financial planning, Health insurance and Access to mental health support.

Low cost banking products and non-super investments services include discounted home loans, term deposits, managed funds, online savings accounts, low rate personal loans and credit cards. Financial planning entails retirement planning and income accounts, superannuation, savings strategies and investments, debt management, and insurance.

AustralianSuper Overview

AustralianSuper is one of the largest superannuation funds in Australia (Australian retirement accounts). It is an industry super fund type and has more than 46 billion under management as at June 2012. It has 1.9 million members in the country catering to 170,000 employers. AustralianSuper offers p... read more

AustralianSuper Discussion

  • Q: Do you have a contact/adviser based in Canberra? My wife currently has a rollover in another super fund and it's lost money in 6mths it's been with them so we are looking at changing super funds.

    Reply Michael from Campbell, Australia
  • Q: Is there an office in Townsville

    Reply John from Australia
  • Q: Do you have an office in Adelaide?

    Reply Jack from Lane Cove, Australia
  • Q: Is there an Australian Super Office in Coffs Harbour NSW?

    Reply Steve from Redland Bay, Australia
  • Q: Is there a Australian Super office in Newcastle NSW

    Reply Wayne from Australia
  • Q: What is your address in Perth

    Reply Michael from Australia
  • Q: is there an aust super office in newcastle nsw

    Reply wayne from Australia
  • Q: Is there an Australian super office /branch in Cairns?

    Reply Melinda from Kellyville, Australia
  • Q: I am looking for an address in Adelaide were i can call into to discuss putting my super in. thanks Frank

    Reply Frank from Tarrawanna, Australia
  • Q: is there an office in western Victoria

    Reply murray from Melbourne, Australia
  • Q: Is there a Australian super contact in Townsville north qld

    Reply John H from Australia
  • Q: would like to speak to an advisor on Northern beaches of sydney regarding advise on opening a super account

    Reply sylvia from Sydney, Australia
  • Q: Where is the nearest QSuper office to Port Macquarie NSW

    Reply Roz from Australia
  • Q: Are there any sub branches of Australian Super in Melbourne, other that the city one?

    Reply Denise from Australia
  • Q: Is there an office in Port Macquarie N.S.W

    Reply Troy from Australia
  • Q: Is there a qld office North qld??

    Reply Rob from Jimboomba, Australia
  • Q: where is the australian super office in perth

    Reply Ray from Perth, Australia
  • Q: What is australiansuper Adelaide address?

    Reply Mang from Strathfield, Australia
  • Q: What is your Perth Office Address?

    Reply KENNETH from Perth, Australia
  • Q: Do you have a branch in mackay north QLD

    Reply peter from Mackay, Australia
  • Q: what is the address of your Darwin office

    Reply walter from Australia
  • Q: What is AustralinSuper's Sydney address?

    Reply Christine from Australia
  • Q: Hi Is there a branch located in Brisbane? Please advice

    Reply Helmut from Australia
  • Q: What is the new address for the Perth office. It is certainly not in the EMPTY offices on St George Terrace. I need to speak with a person as the automative service is not helpful at all.

    Reply Edwina from Perth, Australia
  • Q: Where is your Melbourne office so I can come in and get help and forms to combine funds

    Reply Anne from Australia
  • Q: is there an Adelaide office with advisor to discuss changing funds?

    Reply Margaret from Adelaide, Australia
  • Q: Is there a branch or office in Brisbane.

    Reply Kerry from Australia
  • Q: Is there a branch in Mackay Nth.Qld.

    Reply Royden from Townsville, Australia
  • Q: ASAP please, where can I viist your Perth Office to discuss joiining The Australian Superfund and discuss some facts that apply to my portfolio. Thsnkd Grsnt Grant

    Reply Grant from Greenslopes, Australia
  • Q: How to send my super frm my ongoing company.what detail to fill.

    Reply Nilesh Dutt from Australia

AustralianSuper Reviews

  • Trying to find an A/S branch in the Nation's Capital City, for face to face discussion an collect printed personal information from a while back. If thrre isn't one WHY..

    Helmut from Brookvale , New South Wales , Australia
  • Trying to find a deceased super is impossible. Phone contact is impossible.

    Cynthia from Australia
  • What a pain in the back side my experience has been. Trying to change my name on my policy - have sent my certified documents(twice already) last attempt was Feb 2018 and surprise surprise not again and I have been asked to supply again. Total shambles. Looking at totally moving both my policies from AS - have two as they didn't accept change of name in new job and created another for me and charging double fee's - double insurance and all I get is "please supply documents" I HAVE - find the ones I posted ( this will be the 3rd time now

    Margaret from Perth , Western Australia , Australia
  • We need an office here in Ballarat it not fair that country people have to chase it up on line. Id like to see back to offices so we can see face to face, so we have a better understanding of super , and have someone to talk to. You can not deal with something that's very important online , it just doesnt work.

    gayleen from Australia