Citibank Australia Interest Rates

Citibank Australia offers a series of personal banking accounts including everyday accounts, savings accounts, term deposits, foreign currency accounts, and global accounts. Credit cards, home loans, flexible personal loans, investment & insurance services are also available.

Citibank Australia Overview

Citi Australia traces its origins back to 1971. It is a subsidiary of the US-based multinational banking group Citigroup. It has over one million customers, 2,000 employees, 13 branches, and a country-wide network of ATMs. Banking services are available for personal and business customers. The range... read more

Citibank Australia Discussion

  • Q: Hi, I got a credit card with Westpac and I want to change over to a citibank cc. How do i go about it?

    Reply Hien from Australia
  • Q: How to apply a business account?

    Reply Nina from Goulburn, Australia
  • Q: I need to pay bill into a Citibank account that's been supplied to me, how do I do that by direct debit? I have the BSB and Account #

    Reply Chris from Australia
  • Q: Where can I deposit cash into my account ?

    Reply Craig from United States

Citibank Australia Reviews

  • With no more teller facilities in this bank, i find it too difficult to withdraw my money when it is over the daily limit amount. This bank has lost any personal contact with its customers as it expects you to go to their affiliated banks to deposit and withdraw money.

    Ed from Perth , Western Australia , Australia