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(Rates from Banks/Providers headquarted in this city/state) Rural Bank Adelaide Bank Bank SA

10 banks with locations in South Australia

Bank/Company Branches Nationwide South Australia Locations
1 1270
  • 80 King William St Branch
  • Central Market Branch
  • Norwood Branch
2 1026
  • King William St Adelaide Branch
3 800
  • Campbelltown Branch
  • Norwood Branch
  • Rundle Mall Branch
4 748
  • 22-28 King William St Branch
  • Hutt Street Branch
  • Unley Branch
5 255
  • 60 Waymouth St Branch
6 230
  • Grenfell St Branch
7 211
  • Adelaide Branch
8 120
  • Blackwood Branch
  • Glenelg Branch
9 15
  • Adelaide Branch
  • Gawler Place Adelaide Branch

Discussion in South Australia, Australia

  • provider - Malaysia - Deposits - Maybank
    Q: Is there any promotion on FD intrest rate for April 2016 Msia?

    Chiong from Magill, Australia
  • provider - Australia - Deposits - NAB
    Q: I have $500,000 to invest and I require 4 weekly interest. I will invest this amount for two years. Kindly advise your best rate please

    Annette from Australia
  • provider - Iran - Deposits -
    Q: Hi jast want to know if i deposit $100.000 dollar how much I get a month thank you

    Zaid from Australia
    • R: Hi there if i deposit $100.000 dollar Australian how much I will get a month thank you

      Reply1 zaid
    • R: I'm not an Iranian citizen but i'm investing my money in iran by transferring my money to there currency (Rial) investing since 2 years around one million and a half dollar monthly they deposit $25,127 in my account (twenty five thousand and hundred twenty seven dollar i'm calculating when the interest was 20% before it comes to 15% i have my ATM card from Melli bank and i can withdraw the interest monthly from my country i have no problem at all with Irani banks. And because i deposited that amount they opened a saving account for me which they give me 15% same as the Fixed deposit but i have to keep 20 million toman which equals to $5.5 million and the amount of the interest deposit credit in the same saving account.

      Reply1 SAAD
      • R: hi brother saad i want to ask you how to withdraw from melli bank if you are in iraq which branch thanks

        Reply1 zaid
      • R: I have a friend that works in bank of melli me and him like to no how your gating this hi u.s. dollar interest rates from the bank so we can do it friends name is azime and he transfer the money from main branch to the smaller branches for melli bank. So lat me no which branch you open an account.

        Reply1 Mohammad mehrashen
    • R: there is no bank to accept australian dollers but you can convert your money to iranian rial in iran and deposit it to every other bank. they all give you a profit with a rate of 15% in a year(interest rates reduced again in iran). its equal (your profit's equal) will be something about AUS$10540 in every year. and it is fit and garanteed. the rate of inflaction currently isn't high so your profite gained won't lose much of its value. but i have heard in a amount of 150.000US$ RAKBANK in united arab emirate will give a good rate of interest...but you can cheeck with calling them.

      Reply1 elias
    • R: The interest rates for dollars are different there are much lower... not all the banks will do those accounts... if the government over there gets in trouble I needs dollare they will tack the dollare from the accounts and replace them with iran money with out you even knowing you no wane you go to the bank..they did it 4 years ago....

      Reply1 Mohammad
      • R: Mohammad, stop lying...I have a dollar account for over 10 years at bank Melli and they never converted my dollars to toman, that's a lie. You are trying to scare people into not investing in Iran. NO BANK, I mean NO government bank in Iran has ever defaulted unlike other countries(USA) who live off high debt have defaulted or only guaranteed 250k. Everything in Iran is cash owned, no mortgages so you will never see a bubble blow up. Although now they are trying to entice loans for auto purchase but only Iranian cars. They are charging 16% or above for these loans. In Iran, you can make a killing, it's the only country which practices true capitalism without any government involvement. If you have money, you can make so much more.

        Reply1 reza
        • R: Hey Reza, I recently decided to use my savings and invest it in some way/start a business etc. I'm am very eager to explore the Iranian market. You seem like you have a good head on your shoulders and I like your insight. Would you be willing to have a chat about this privately? Please let me know and thanks in advance for your time!

          Reply1 Juni
        • R: Two years ago I lived there for about four years... I don't know what country your talking about but from what I've seen over there I didn't lie.. The interest that the banks give over there is excellent I lived off of it for about four years.. Now one thing with your story that is wrong the bank you're talking about does not accept US dollars as deposits from people. Only handful of banks accept dollars.. and you know why because I have to give dollars back. So before you start calling everyone a lawyer first do your homework.

          Reply1 Mohammad
  • provider - Indonesia - Deposits -
    Q: Is it safe to invest money in term deposits os 1000000 dollar and what would the interest ratebe for say 6 months thanks michael

    Michael from Australia
    • R: For the amount that are greater than Rupiahs ( 200.000 Australian Dollar ) is not covered by Indonesia Government on Savings / Deposits Insurance, which means, if the bank that you deposits on goes bankruptcy , you can't request for your money back. Hope it's Help :)

      Reply1 Andrew Henderson
  • provider - Australia - Deposits - Bankwest
    Q: when a 3 month term is up do you automatically roll it over or do you wait for instructions from the depositor ...have you a branch in south australia? I dealt with bankwest in WA many years ago

    neil from Australia
  • provider - - -
    Q: Hi there if i deposit $100.000 dollar Australian how much I will get a month thank you

    zaid from Australia
  • provider - Australia - - NAB
    Q: Term deposits. one for $ 600,000 for 6 months another for $ 200,000 for 6 0r 8 months? Your best interest rate.

    Veronica Talbot-Wi from Hilton, Australia
  • provider - - -
    Q: hello i wish to live in vietnam for at least a year can i invest Australian dollar in bank there ????

    Rick from Australia
  • provider - Thailand - Deposits -
    Q: Hi, I want to give 25,000,000 bht to my Thai wife so she can buy her family a condo. What is the maximum you can deposit into a bank account in Thailand? Would such an amount attract attention from government authorities.

    alex from Elizabeth, Australia
  • provider - Australia - Deposits - UBank
    Q: Would the 2.79% fixed term interest be available to a business account?

    Kerry from Adelaide, Australia
  • provider - Australia - - AustralianSuper
    Q: is there an Adelaide office with advisor to discuss changing funds?

    Margaret from Adelaide, Australia
  • provider - Argentina - Investing -
    Q: HI I am An Australian and was wondering if I could open a High interest bank account in Argentina. I see your interest rates are now some of the highest in the world and I would like to invest in Argentina. Please can you advise.

    Alex from Mount Gambier, Australia
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    Q: Can i transfer my SBI account from India to sydney

    SkB from College Park, Australia
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    Q: Is there a branch in Adelaide please?

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    Q: Does Australia super have a office in Adelaide

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